About MDI

In the construction and design world of Architects, Real Estate Developers, Project Managers, Interior designer Contractors and Facility Managers a requirement of a robust product becomes an absolute need of the hour especially in projects with budget / time / resource constraint. We have been in the same page too, since being Architects having done projects in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia we too felt the same.

There was always a constant search for the better alternate product (especially if they are economically feasible) for various building systems. As and when we came across a product, which we felt it would be acceptable by all from various perspectives, we promoted the same to our fellow associates.

MDI has launched MAGIX Wall which is one out of the basic 3 components of construction. Product such as these are basic and are day to day requirement of any construction projects. MDI is constantly doing research to focus further in providing unique building solutions to achieve higher quality building and construction products to make it a reality. MAGIX Wall will be beneficial to all type of projects from small scale to mega scaled projects. MDI will be extending the range of products as and when a product is researched, found and produced on commercial scale to make it more feasible for the product to be used in larger scale.

Why MAGIX Wall?

Traditionally, masonry wall has been widely used in construction world, although it has many concerns. For example it takes a long time to build, creates a dirty site because of wet construction system & materials are also very heavy and inconvenient to transport.

In addition, skilled craftsman are required. Many defects often occur like cracking or rough and uneven surfaces because brick laying and cement plastering is not standardised.

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